UltraCompare Professional este o aplicatie puternica de comparare/concatenare cu facilitati care permit utilizatorilor sa urmareasca diferentele intre fisiere, directoare, documente Word si arhive .zip. Facilitatile de comparare includ comparare text/binar a doua sau trei fisiere simultan, editare inline, concatenarea diferentelor etc.


Facilitati UltraCompare Professional

Facilitati Text Compare:
• Powerful 3-way text compare
• Shell Integration (right click menu in Windows Explorer)
• Ability to edit line and merge within UltraCompare
• Copy/paste multiple selected contiguous lines to clipboard
• Ability to see whitespace differences (tabs and spaces)
• Set Tab value to a specific number of spaces (like UltraEdit-32/UEStudio)
• Bookmark support
• Ability to delete lines from file
• Line-by-line comparison of individual files
• Status bar shows number of lines/blocks with differences
• Difference Summary includes:
– data in source but not in destination file (or vice versa)
– character differences between files on the same line
• Command Line Support
• Ignore options:
– Ignore case
– Ignore spaces
– Ignore blank lines
– Line terminator differences
– Lines which begin with:
– Lines which contain:
– Lines which end with:
– A defined number of lines at the beginning of file
– A defined number of lines at the end of file
• EBCDIC compare supported
• Double-byte compare supported

Facilitati Folder Compare:
• 3 Way Folder Compare
• ZIP Archive Compare
• Side-by-side Compare Presentation
• Shell Integration
• Split screen to preview text in one pane while moving from file to file
• Option to compare files just on the basis of time/date/size
• Ability to set a NOT operator for filter, ie, NOT *.bak, etc.
• Provide live update on progress (useful when working with large nestedtrees)
• Favorite files and folders now allows quick access to commonly used items
• Explore source or destination folder by right click in folder mode
• Compare individual directories
• Recursive compare of directories (includes subdirectories)
• Difference Summary includes:
– same named files with different sizes
– same named files with different creation dates/times
– file type: Binary or ASCII
• Compare two folder structures and indicate which files have different permissions
• Ability to select files with different names and compare them
• Ability to right-click on column headings and select fields

Facilitati Word Compare:
• Compare Microsoft Word documents
• Compare RTF Files

Facilitati Fast Binary Compare:
• Byte-for-byte binary comparison
• Command Line invocation
• Option to display decimal offset rather than Hexadecimal

Facilitati Smart Binary Compare:
• Binary comparison allowing for shifted data
• Command Line invocation
• Option to display decimal offset rather than Hexadecimal

Facilitati Merge:
• Undo merge feature
• Merge compared lines/blocks between files for 2 and 3 way compare
• Merge compared files between directories for 2 and 3 way folder compare
• Selected line merge capability
• Accept all (or Merge All) button for text mode, and folder mode
• Word-level (or selection-level) replacement and insertion
• Mark merged lines for review
• Enhanced merging – allows changes to be added to changes in other file
• Merge contents of compared directories
• Option to automatically move to the first difference when loading
• Option to automatically move to next difference after merge

Facilitati Print/Output:
• Ability to use UC in batch files to produce reports, side-by-side difference output
• Print right/left file from File menu
• Print difference summary showing matching lines or differences only
• Print and save differences in context
• Print and save differences of one file
• Print and save files side by side
• Print and save differences from binary compare

Facilitati File Management:
• FTP support
• Open Left/Right File independently
• Drag and drop from Explorer
• Close All in the file menu and as a button

Facilitati Display:
• Show File in Browser
• Text Relational Lines Mode
• Full width display of active line of each file at bottom of application
• Ability to word wrap files
• Graphical scrolling display to easily locate changes
• Synchronized horizontal scroll
• Flip frames to switch source/destination files/directories
• Toolbar customization

Facilitati diverse:
• User Profiles for allowing different settings for different modes
• Set UltraCompare to single instance
• Check for updates
• Set Filter to specify file types to be displayed during Folder compare
• Configurable Key mapping
• Set font for compare panes
• Customize/Manage toolbar/menu

UltraCompare Lite Features
• Text Compare
– Support for line-by-line comparison of individual files
– Status Bar shows number of lines/blocks different
– Difference Summary includes:
– data in source but not in destination file or vice versa
– data difference between files on the same line
• Fast Binary Compare
• Runs only from within UltraEdit
• Online HTML Help