Veriato 360

Employee Monitoring Software

Veriato employee monitoring software provides unmatched visibility in the online and communications activity of employees and contractors. Veriato 360 is the system of record, presenting detailed, accurate, and actionable data for use in incident response, high-risk insider monitoring, and productivity reporting

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Built For Visibility
Purpose built to collect, report, and alert on the activity of the people who interact with your IT resources and information. Provides context-rich information that supports critical decision-making.

Proven Technology
Using a unique data collector refined over a decade and deployed on millions of endpoints, Veriato computer monitoring software collects information that is otherwise unavailable, and stores it securely, without impacting workflows.

The Data You Need
Veriato computer monitoring software provides an impressive array of options for reviewing data including rapid alerting, intuitive dashboard, scheduled reports, video style play back, and integrations with 3rd party systems insure you have the data you need, where and when you need it.

Conducting Incident Response
Veriato user activity monitoring software provides a system of record of all employee activity meaning quicker answers to questions like “what happened”, “how did it happen”, and “how do we contain it.” When limiting damage and reducing recovery time are essential, Veriato 360 delivers for CSIRT teams in some of the largest companies in the world. See what they see.

Monitoring High Risk Insiders
Every organization has employees or contractors that are greater risks than others. This may be because of their role and the access that comes with it, or because of a condition – like an HR situation. Higher risk employees require greater oversight and our monitoring software enables detailed, context rich collection and inspection of user activity without interfering with workflow.

Measuring Productivity
Where is the line in your company? Work life balance and the blending of home and work have made it harder than ever to identify what is acceptable and what is excessive. Being able to quickly identify outliers, and have documentation to back up what is normal, allows organizations to address productivity loss confidently and quickly.

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