Veriato Log Manager

Event & Security Log Management Software

Centralize & Consolidate
Veriato Log Manager provides powerful reporting and consolidation tools for Windows server event log, syslog, or even text log files. Centrally monitor Windows, Unix, Linux, switches, routers, hubs and more by consolidating all of your event logs in one place, then use data filters and multi-level criteria to create powerful reporting options.

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Detailed Intelligence
Veriato Log management software helps your IT resources review only relevant data. For example, Logon Reports within Veriato Log Manager automatically exclude Logon Type 3 and SYSTEM logon/logoff events. This helps eliminate unnecessary reporting of network logons to shared folders and printers.

Compliance Friendly Reporting
Compliance standards vary in specific implementation, but generally agree on one basic principle: record, archive, and be able to retrieve event log data. Security Event Log reports within Veriato Log Manager have been specifically designed to assist with compliance standards such as PCI DSS & HIPAA.

Log Data Analysis
Supports needed security protocols including real-time event log monitoring for critical security incidents and regular analysis of security relevant logs. This enables you to quickly detect suspicious activity.

Enhanced Filtering and Viewing
Create powerful complex filters that support AND, OR, NOT, and multi-level criteria and be notified immediately when a specific message is received or when an expected message is not received. Painlessly view the entries you want… all with the ability to export, print, and email.

Consolidate for Compliance
Security standards and regulations require that all relevant log data is managed, collected, consolidated and archived so that companies have accountability and can prove exactly what actions occurred.

Turnkey Reporting
Automatically parse Security event entries and generate turnkey PCI and HIPAA compliance reports, including Account Management, New User Accounts, Failed Logon Attempts, Successful Logons, and Logon Sessions

Powerful features to gain critical insight into your network:

  • Event Logs
  • Security Events
  • Consolidation
  • Filtering
  • Text Log Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Actions
  • Reports
  • Syslog Daemon

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