Veriato Recon

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Lipsa uneltelor pentru analizarea jurnalelor ce au legatura cu traficul din retea poate sa compromita securitatea retelei organizatiei si astfel sa devina vulnerabila la amenintari.

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Veriato Recon records all of the same activity information that Veriato 360 user activity monitoring software collects. It analyzes this information to learn the normal behaviors with an organization. It also stores the information, securely and obfuscated, on the endpoint where the activity occurred for up to 30 days. Should a need arise to review the detailed activity data, Veriato 360 employee monitoring software can unlock the data and move it from the endpoint to the 360 database for review. When used together, Veriato Recon & Veriato 360 provide critical insider threat detection as well as powerful forensic capabilities – from one console and using one agent.

Intelligent Baselining
The behavioral analytics solution understands what normal looks like, and focuses on behavioral indicators related to the security of information.

Actionable Alerts
When insiders deviate from their technical or psycholinguistic baselines in a way that suggests insider attack, Veriato Recon alerts are triggered.

Prioritize and Act
A secure log of the leader actions triggering the alert is maintained, enabling rapid investigation informing incident response.

Anomaly Detection and Alerting
When insiders go “rogue” their behavior changes as they shift from simply performing their function to engaging in activities that harm your organization.

The behavior analytics software watches for signs of change that are directly related to insider threats, and alerts you as soon as meaningful anomalies are detected. Armed with this early warning, you can proactively respond and protect your organization from the damage caused by insider attacks.

Behavioral Baselining
Veriato Recon user behavior analytics software watches user activity, and using a combination of advanced data science and machine learning algorithms, establishes what normal user behavior looks like.

Veriato Recon profiles multiple entities, includes users, peer groups, and groups created based on observed behavioral characteristics, enabling greater accuracy in anomaly detection. Built to be usable, the software’s simple step-by-step configuration and intuitive tuning enable organizations to rapidly benefit from the power of user behavior analytics.

Comprehensive User Activity Logging
Veriato Recon user and entity behavior analytics software collects and logs the underlying user activity data for up to 30 days. The activity is collected where it occurs – at the point where the user interacts with the systems and data. This provides the most accurate picture of what insiders are doing … and supports best practices for preventing IP theft by departing employees.

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